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Ellie Mae's Journal
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Below are the 10 most recent journal entries recorded in Ellie Mae's LiveJournal:

Saturday, March 1st, 2003
12:05 pm
well after showing several symptoms since a little while before i left germany. i finally listened to art (well not completely) and i took a pregnancy test. and guess what...it was positive! i'm soo happy. i'm a lot happier than i thought that i would be. because honestly i went back and forth on the issue for a little while but then i decided that i really wanted one. and now i got it! i'm going to call the doctor monday and try to make an appointment so that i can make absolutely sure. but i thought that i was, because like i said i've been showing the symptoms. and art is so happy too. it is so cute. he is already worrying about baby-proofing our house. even putting sheets on the rails for the stairs so that the baby doesn't get his/her head stuck. and he keeps talking about getting baby gates and those baby locks. and he wants me to talk to my belly for him, so i can tell the baby that their daddy loves them. and he keeps telling me mommy. and keeps saying over and over that he was gonna be a daddy.

Current Mood: excited
Monday, February 24th, 2003
3:47 pm
there is never enough time for things. well i shouldn't say never because sometimes you have too much time for things. but for some reason i've only been experiancing the first of the two lately. for instance the time i spent in germany. it seems like i just got off the plane in frankfurt yesterday. but i've already been back at my parents house for a week. and now i find myself helping my brother with his homework. but in a little while we both have to get ready so that we can go to a class for a hour so that we can spend more time together. but we can't go to the class until after i pick my mom up from work (we have to share the car), which is 10 minutes away from the school, 5 minutes before the class starts.
i'm not complaining about any of this, although it probably sounds like i am. i enjoy the life i have with all the ups and downs and with as little time as i have to do things. it just makes it more exciting, and makes it even better when i do get a chance to relax and watch a movie. or play a game. like now when i just happened to find a few extra minutes while my brother is working on a few math problems.
i have one last comment to make before i end this...TODAY IS MY ART'S 25TH BIRTHDAY!!!!

Current Mood: blah
Tuesday, February 18th, 2003
4:17 pm
1:45 pm
i miss my art!!!
well i haven't written in here for a while because i haven't had much time. but now that i'm back in the states for the second time and home alone i have nothing but time. i am feeling very lonely right now because dispite the fact that i have only been here for less than 24 hours i seem to find myself here alone. the only good thing about this is that i am talking to art on the phone and have no interuptions. i still haven't seen my mom or brother yet. i had some fun driving around with my sister today. i ran into a couple of the stupids though. i am feeling pretty shitty today though. i really wish that i hadn't left. i belong there. i should be there with my art, sitting on the couch and watching movies. not here at my parents house by myself and bored out of my mind. this is just wrong. but i'll be back there again soon. probably...if my art doesn't get deployed that is. if he does then i won't be back until the end of may. which i guess isn't too long. and it would give me a chance to spend some time with my family and take some classes here before i get 'taken' from them. and that would keep me occupied while art was gone. but i still wish that i could be with him. well i guess that's good enough for now. i'll probably write more later though. who knows...

Current Mood: sad
Sunday, October 13th, 2002
2:12 pm
so happy
i am so happy right now. the only thing that could make this better is if i could get one of my best friends in the entire world to see how happy i am and to be happy for me too.but instead all she is doing is bitching at me. she is getting mad at me because when we make plans i wanna stick to them. and when she changes them at the last second i don't go with her. and she is getting mad cuz she doesn't think that i'm spending enough time with her. well i try, i call her cell, her house, her boyfriends cell, and his house. and i always leave messages but never get a response. i mean what does she expect for me to do? just sit at home and wait for her ta try and get ahold of me? i'm sorry but that just isn't gonna work for me. and then my other best friend is going through one of the worst times in his life thus far. and i wish that i could help him feel better, but i can't and won't do what it is that he wants me to do. but other than those two problems i am really happy. i have spent the past two nights with art and that was just great. i can't wait till i can do this everynight. well i guess i'm done for now.
Tuesday, October 8th, 2002
12:13 am
i got home from work about 10-ish and i gotta wait till about 1:30 till art is here ta get me. i should be doing my test in the mean time but i just can't be bothered so i decided ta get on here and do some quizes.

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can you tell that i'm bored and have a lot of time on my hands? i mean its not too obvious right?

Current Mood: bored
Monday, October 7th, 2002
11:42 am
the ganked survey
Name: michelle
Do you like it?: i guess, its just really common
Nicknames: chelle, shellbert, chellers, mickey, mychelle, skanky, bitch, blondie, pig tails, etc
Screen names: soccerskank and A lot of kneeling will keep you in good standing.
Birthday: september 17
Sign: virgo
Location: bitburg, germany
School: university of maryland
Status: status on what?
Crush: my baby
Virgin?: oh hell yeah i am. heehee!
Natural hair color: dirty blonde(it gets lighter from my roots), but i have a very blonde crown
Current hair color: about the natural color, cuz i haven't had the time ta dye it yet
Eye color: they change colors, they are normally either blue, green, or gray or a mixture of them plus a couple other colors
Height: i'm like 5'7 or 5'8
Birthplace: ellisworth, sd
Shoe size: 9.5 in mens

Parents: lori and pat
Siblings: melissa and patrick
Live with: parents and siblings at least for now
Favorite relative: my cousin brian

Number: 17
Color: blue
Day: saturday, cuz i have the day off work then, but i like fridays a lot too
Month: june
Songs: Currently: things i'll never say - avril lavigne, angel of mine - monica, my best friend - tim mc graw, that's all i need to know - kenny chesney
Movie: now and then and billy madison
Food: i love barbque ribs and veggie sandwiches(esp. from robin hood)
Band: nirvana
Sport: soccer
Class: i like biology usually but this term my teacher was just really boring!!!
Drink: yoohoos!!!!
Veggie: i have ta pick one???? okay then i guess green peppers.
TV Show: i don't watch tv anymore.
Radio Station: i don't know. the only ones i listen to are that rpr1 i think its like 102.something or other and the afn one
Store: i don't really have a favorite. but i do like delias and i like a couple of stores in trier
Word: thingy
Animal: cows
Flower: daisy
State: giddy
US State: either cali or new york

Me/You: me
Coke/pepsi: coke
Day/night: night
Aol/aim: i don't use either
Cd/cassette: cd
Dvd/vhs: dvd
Jeans/khakis: jeans
Car/truck: truck
Tall/short: it depends
Lunch/dinner: dinner
Britney/Christina: since they both suck and i don't listen to either of them i don't know. i guess christina just cuz she is a little bit more tolerable than britney's fake ass
Gap/Old Navy: old navy
Lipstick/Lipgloss: lipgloss, i can't be bothered with putting on makeup
Silver/Gold: silver or white gold
Alcohol/Weed: i dunno

Do you have a bf/gf?: yes
Do you have a crush?: only my baby
How long have you liked him/her?: couple months
Why do you like this person?: he treats me better than anyone thatj i have ever been with before. he actually cares about what he asks he doesn't just ask because it the right thing ta ask. he tries ta always be there for me when i need him. he makes me laugh like no other. the fact that he can just scoop me up in his arms and whatever i was thinking about just dissappears along with anyone else that might be there and its just him and me and how that makes me feel so happy and like i don't need anything else. the way that we can lay next to each other and just talk for hours and be just as content as if we were(don't get me wrong it is really good when we are doing other stuff), the fact that he doesn't judge me because of things i do or ways i act. he says what he means and says them right away. okay i better stop before this gets really long
If you're not single... give details...: been with art for almost 2 months
How long was your longest relationship?: about 2 years
How long was your shortest relationship?: those one night things, but i dunno if those are really relationships
Who was your first love?: i would rather not say on here for the sake of that person. but they know and most the people close to me know. and honestly i don't think anyone else really needs to.
What do you miss about them?: the way that i got that wow feeling every time they looked at me. and the way that i felt so true and so right

What is the one thing you would change about your past?: the one and only thing that i regret right now.
What is the biggest mistake you've made in your life?: the thing that i would change
Last thing you heard: I'm OK, You're OK - boyz II men
Last thing you saw: polexxia's page
Last thing you said: i love you
Who is the last person you saw?: my little brother
Who is the last person you kissed?: art
Who is the last person you hugged?: art
Who is the last person you fought with?: i dunno
Who is the last person you were on the phone with?: leah
What is the last TV show you saw?: i wouldn't know its been so long
What is the last song you heard?: I'm OK, You're OK - boyz II men

What are you wearing?: a beater, my new pj pants that art bought me yesterday, my cow slippers, my class ring, my necklace with the pearl my cousin got me on it, and my hair is all kinds of messed up.
What are you doing?: this survey and stalling the inevitable fate of me getting ready for work
Who are you talking to?: no one
What song are you listening to?: paper cut - linkin park
Where are you?: on my parents computer in the living room
Who are you with?: no one
Are you online?: yeah
How are you feeling?: pretty good
Are you in a chatroom?: no

What day is it tomorrow?: tuesday and fuck i gotta do my test still
What are you going to do after this?: try and call john
Who are you going to talk to?: hopefully john
Where are you going to go?: the gameroom
How old will you be when you graduate?: well i graduated high school at 17. and i dunno about college
What do you wanna be?: a high school biology teacher or/and a computer teacher (its the easiest way ta coach the soccer team)
What is one of your dreams?: to be married ta someone that makes me happier than i have ever been, and have our names carved into a tree like in the good ol' tv days(i know i'm a dork). and to have a few kids.

Drank?: yeah
Smoked?: yeah but i'm quiting
Had sex?: actually i it was just yesterday...
Stolen?: yeah but it was a pack of gum and i took it back like 3 steps outside of the store cuz i felt bad about it. but i have had stuff stolen for me.
Done anything illegal?: how about the 5th amendment is my answer for this one
Wanted to die?: unfortunately, but i'm over that
Hit someone?: yes

Do you write in cursive or print?: print
What is your sexual preference?: i don't have one
Do you have glasses or braces?: at this moment neither, but i had both and i need glasses still
Did you like this survey?: it was decent

What do you most like about your body? my lips - people say i have a nice smile
And least?: my tummy
How many fillings do you have?: none
Do you think you're good looking?: no, but i don't think i'm disgusting either
Do you look like any celebrities?: fuck no

Cuddle or make out: it depends once again. on what you define as making out. and if we can or are kissing while cuddling
Chocolate milk, or hot chocolate: yoohoos!!!
Would you wanna marry your best friend, or the perfect love: well i did marry my best friend noel. and i think that i would marry a best friend because there is no such thing as a perfect love. but if you are in love then eventually you'll become best friends too.
Root beer, or Dr Pepper: dr pepper
Tea/coffee/cappuccino: cappuccino
Mud or jello wrestling: jello cuz then ya can get all freaky and start teasing people by licking it off.
Milk, dark, or white chocolate: milk
Vanilla or chocolate: chocolate
Lights on or off: there has ta be some kind of light

Do you like school: its okay
Do you like to talk on the phone: not really but when thats all there is thats all there is
Do ya have your own phone line: i guess ya could call my cell phone that
Can we have your number: can you kiss my ass
Do you like to dance: yeah even though i suck at it
Are you scared to ask out your crush: it would be a little late for that since we are together already
Do you think cheering is a sport?: no

Cried? yes
Helped someone? kind of
Bought something? yes
Gotten sick? no
Gone to the movies? no, but we rented movies
Gone out for dinner? yes, we went out all day yesterday
Said "I love you"? yes
Written a real letter? no
Moved on? dunno.
Talked to an ex? not in the last 24 hours
Missed an ex? not as much as i used to
Written in a journal? no
Talked to someone you have a crush on? my baby
Had a serious talk? yes
Missed someone? yes
Hugged someone? yes
Fought with your parents? i haven't even seen them
Fought with a friend? no

[DO YOU...]
Wear eye shadow? no
Put on a "front"? no, i least i try not to
Kiss on the first date? sometimes, but i don't approach people, the first time i did the guy turned his head. but thats a long and funny story that i'm not getting into right now.
Have a crush on someone? god are ya gonna repeat the same damn question again???
Eat with your mouth open? no. thats fuckin gross
If you got a tattoo, where would you get it, and what would be? i have one on my shoulder. but i think i want another one either on my hip bone or on the small of my back, i don't know what i want yet though
What color is your floor/carpet in your room? black
What was the last CD(s) you bought? boyz II men - full circle. i saw it and had ta get it then i had ta burn a copy for collette
How did you spend last summer? i don't remember. probably working
When's the last time you showered? when i first woke up
Are you tired? not really
Are you lonely? no
Are you happy? very
Are you wearing pajamas? yes
Are you talking to someone online? no
What are the initials of your crush/interest/spouse? AHH
What is your astrological sign? okay how about we try not ta repeat anymore damn questions
What is the sign of your crush/interest/spouse? pieces.
What time is it? 11:41 am

Current Mood: good
Wednesday, October 2nd, 2002
12:06 am
i'm still new at this
this is my first time trying ta do this and i hope it works. cuz i want marie ta see what i got...

opie must die!

You are -

Current Mood: ecstatic
Tuesday, October 1st, 2002
11:51 pm
oh happy day
today has been a pretty damn good day. today was my first day off work in what seemed like forever. i had a lot of fun at mc donald's with marie, noel, and chucky, but then i always do!!! i had fun at stacy's house just chillin' and talkin' and watchin' movies with sara, allen, stacy, and the kids. and ta top it all of art called me today. which was a big surprize cuz i wasn't expecting him ta call until tomorrow. but he said that he'd call me at work tomorrow too. which makes me happy too. i'm smiling just thinking of him. i can't wait till he gets back on saturday. i miss him sooo much!!! and then marie's party is on saturday too!!! and everyone knows that her parties are always fun!!! but until then my friends are just gonna have ta keep hearing me talk about how i can't wait till saturday. and i saw another gate guard tonight that i didn't even recognize but he remembered me which is pretty cool i guess. even though he was giving me a hard time about some stuff. but he just isn't joe. joe is the coolest fucking gate guard and i know that some people can agree with me on that one.

Current Mood: happy
Thursday, September 26th, 2002
12:22 am
really bad news!!!
today has been pretty depressing. i just found out today before i went to work when i'm leaving. and it is a lot earlier than my shit-heads previously told me. which really sucks because i have come to love this place over the years. and i'm really going to miss my collection of newly found friends and my 'old' friends. other than that though today has been okay. especially now since i'm at a good friends house with a couple more good friends. and its just the four of us all just chillin' and talking. and on top of that i am really missing someone really special to me right now. and unfortunately he isn't going to be back until the 4th. and i miss my puppy buddy, collette, who isn't gonna be back for a while and just left today.
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